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The Welcome and Information Center is to be found in the
former school of Stroggili village.

Parga Hire sights and delights

Visitors will find there an exhibition designed to tell them about the monuments and history of the area, its churches and monasteries, the importance of the wetlands, the species of birds and other wild-life that live in them, and also about the traditional methods of eel-fishing which constitute a non-detrimental way of making use of the aquatic bounty of the wetlands. Finally they will learn about the life and customs of the people who live in the wetlands.

The guided excursion begins after the visitors have been equipped with this information about the region. A walk to the top of the hill of St Catherine(outside Strongili) takes them to the Observation tower, from which they can enjoy a panoramic view of the Rodia-Tsoukalio lagoon, and of the marsh of Rodia with its boundless expanse of reeds.

Afterwards visitors are taken to see the ancient olive-mill, with its press, recently discovered by archeologists, and the water-buffalos, recently re-introduced into the region after becoming extinct in the 1950s.

All then proceed to the Chatzara quay-side at Strongili and embark in traditional fishing-boats, before setting out accross the reed-beds and islets.

Here the visitors get an opportunity to get acquainted with the feathered inhabitants of the marshes: The gulls, herons, kingfishers, plovers, and wild pelicans who live here, along with many other rare species of birds, which vary in accordance with the seasons


Preveza & Nikopolis
The modern city maintains the historical centre, charming for the resident and the visitor.
City founded to commemorate the result of the battle of Actium om 2nd September 31BC in which More about Preveza & NikopolisGaius Julius Caesar Octavianus...

Head to the capital of Epirus, Ioannina where you have time to explore the city and visit some of the museums (Archeological, Byzantine, Folklore). More about Ioannina